I was born to act. To tell a story… to BE the story.

John Goad

Although I have been interested in this profession since high school, it’s only been since 2016 that I went “all in” to pursue an acting career. I could say, “I should have done it earlier”, or “I shouldn’t have waited so long”, but God had different plans for me. I believe He has put me exactly where I’m supposed to be “for such a time as this.”


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My Story

 I firmly believe that, while “Art Mimics Life” is true, “Life Mimics Art” should be an actor’s mantra instead. I believe we, as actors, have a responsibility not only to “tell the story” truthfully, but also to guide viewers on what is morally right and wrong. Our culture should not dictate how we perform on screen, but our “life” on screen should reflect how we carry ourselves in real life.

In addition to the thrill of acting, I have a passion for being an actor coach as well. They say, “If you really want to master something, teach it!” My approach to this craft is to teach theory BEFORE practice. Like surgeons that learn anatomy and chemistry… and then work on cadavers… long before they’re trusted with a scalpel on a live person… or like carpenters who learn what tools do what jobs… and then how to use each tool proficiently… long before they’re trusted to be contractors, the actor, in my opinion, should be no different. For the actor, the imagination, body, voice and emotional control are his tools… his instruments; the actor needs to learn their limitations, how to control them and how to keep them in tune… before they can get on stage or screen.

                 And to never stop learning.

My Works

I have studied the “Greats” (Konstantin Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, and Sanford Meisner to name a few) as well as some “lesser-knowns” (Harold Guskin, Michael Shurtleff, Scott Sedita and others) to mold my own style and process for approaching preparation of characters for theater, television and film



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